Plastic Adirondack Chairs

Stackable Adirondack Chairs

by writer on April 4, 2011

Stackable Adirondack chairs are ideal for use in your backyard or patio. Lightweight resin stackable chairs are particularly good for this purpose.

Adams range of plastic Adirondack stacking chairs is the most convenient option in this regard.

Have a look at classic resin Adirondack stackable patio chairs available at at a price of $19.96 in colors like white, clay, violet, pink, pool blue, berry blue, and summer green.

Adams is a commendable US manufacturer that is expert in producing resin Adirondack furniture.

Stackable Adirondack chairs

Resin outdoor furniture is increasingly becoming popular because it is comfortable, durable and affordable. Moreover, plastic resin stackable Adirondack chairs require little maintenance.

These sturdy chairs are weather resistant. The look gives the impression of painted wood and there are a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Classic resin Adirondack stackable patio chair

Here’s an Adams Ergo Adirondack Chair available at $17.98 at Lowe’s. This Tropical Coral chair is prepared from high quality material and has UV protection to avoid fading. It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.



You could also consider the above shown Adams Mfg Corp Ergo Adirondack Chair in tropical yellow color. It is also available at Lowe’s at a price of $17.98. Like other stackable plastic outdoor furniture, this chair is also easy to clean.


Cherry red stackable Adirondack chairMint green Adirondack stackable chair

At, you find Adirondack stackable plastic chairs in cherry red and mint colors.


Green Adirondack stacking chairViolet Stackable Adirondack chair

Have a look at the adult size, high back plastic Adirondack chair in green color. You can get this Adams Adirondack Stackable Chair at at an affordable price of $14.99. This comfortable, weather proof chair is also available in violet and cherry red color.


Pink Adirondack stacking chairPool blue stackable Adirondack chairClay Adirondack stackable chair

The same store offers Stackable Adirondack Chairs in banana, pink, pool blue and clay colors at a price of $22.99.


Kids stackable Adirondack chair

If you are looking for a pack of stacking Adirondack chairs for kids prepared from durable resin then you can find a pack of 16 chairs costing almost $95.84 again at acehardware. Weight capacity of these kids chairs is about 50 lbs.

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  1. kathy lachlan says:


    I bought a pair of these chairs at a yard sale in the U.K. Desperate to buy more. Anywhere in the U.K. sells then?


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